How to customize step in preview?

Step customization allows you to tailor your message from the preview level.

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How it works
How to customize step in preview
Troubleshooting: curly brackets

How it works

Picture with an arrow pointing to 'customize' link

Customizing step – in other words, editing your email in preview – creates a customized message for a particular prospect. When doing so, adding new snippets isn’t possible.

However, removing missing custom fields, marked in red, is advisable. Why? Removing the missing custom fields lets you reach out to the particular prospect regardless of the missing data.

Customize the content for a particular prospect:

  • Adjust a copy or a subject line of an opening step for a chosen prospect.

  • Correct errors found while previewing your messages.

  • Delete missing snippets and reach out to prospects regardless of missing information.

  • Create personalized and more engaging conversations.

How to customize Step#1 in preview

1. When editing your campaign, scroll down to the 'SUMMARY' section.

2. Click ‘PREVIEW’.

Campaign summary pointing to 'Preview' button

3. Check the content of your campaign for a particular prospect.

  • Use the drop-down search to select a prospect.

  • Navigate between prospects by clicking buttons First │ < 1 of X > │ Last.

  • Click 'remove' to delete a chosen prospect from the campaign.

Gif with removing the prospect from the campaign's preview

4. Click the ‘customize’ link.

Picture with an arrow pointing to "customize" link in the campaign preview

5. Customize your Step#1.

6. After you finish previewing your messages you can return to the draft.

There are 2 options:

Click X (top right corner).

'X' icon

Click « back to campaign (bottom left corner).

'back to campaign' link

7. Click 'RUN' to start your campaign or 'send test campaign' to check how it looks like in your inbox.

'send test campaign' link and 'Run' button highlighted


After saving the email copy, you may come across this message: Curly brackets {{ }} define custom fields in Woodpecker. You cannot use them otherwise.

That means saving changes to the email with the existing missing snippets isn't possible.

What can you do? Remove missing custom fields or cancel editing.

Curly brackets error in the email customization view


Q: My campaign starts with Manual Task and my opening email is in Step#2 - why can't I customize it?

You can only customize Step#1 in a preview - no matter what type of step it is.

Q: Can I customize my Step#1 if I have a condition set up before it?

Unfortunately, no. If you set the condition just before the first step, it is not possible to customize the content of this step in the preview.

Q: Can I also edit other emails in my email sequence?

Not yet, however, we’re working on it. Check our article What's new and Roadmap to stay up-to-date with the newest releases.

Q: How can I remove missing snippets?

  1. Select missing snippets.

  2. Remove the snippet using Delete or ←Backspace on your keyboard.

    Gif with removing the missing snippet from an email

Q: What happens when you delete the prospect who received the customized message?

If you remove such a person from the Woodpecker database, the App also deletes the customized message.

Q: Do you have any tips on writing and creating email content? How can I tailor my messages for better engagement?

Yes we do, please check the list of our blog posts below:

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