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Quickstart to get you on board with Woodpecker and Email Deliverability

Educational videos

A collection of all our videos with informations about our product and tutorials on some features

Managing Woodpecker Account

What can you find in Settings and the instruction on how to delete or pause your account.


All about our Agency panel and how to manage it.

Email Connection

How to connect your Email Account to Woodpecker and Troubleshooting.

Managing Email Account

How to manage your Email Accounts connected to Woodpecker.

Email & domain warm-up

Essential knowledge about warming up your email account and domain


How to create and run successful campaigns using our features.


Everything about sending limits in Woodpecker.

Managing Prospects

How to add or remove your prospects and manage them quickly.


How to generate reports, how to read campaign statistics and all about intrest level.


API Documentations and guides on how to integrate Woodpecker with other tools.


How your price is calculated, where to find your invoice and many more.

Partner Program

Guides to Woodpecker Partner Program

AI Video product

Everything about AI Video Product

Woodpecker Prospects product