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Emails will not send due to curly brackets
Emails will not send due to curly brackets
Sometimes after hitting the RUN or RESUME button, you will get an error message about curly brackets.
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Woodpecker does not allow the curly brackets anywhere in the content of the message outside of customization fields, and that means not in the HTML code too. Unfortunately, curly brackets are used in some formatting styles, like CSS, and sometimes they end up being copied to Woodpecker along with the content copied from another source.

Information about curly brackets under the email copy

If you are getting information like in the picture above, please check if there are no curly brackets in the body of your message somewhere. If there is none and you are still getting this error, it means that there are probably some brackets in the HTML code.

Here is the simple solution:

1. Copy the text of your message and paste it to notepad or a similar plain text editor.

If you are using TextEdit on Mac you need to switch it to plain text mode first (in the 'Format' menu). You can also use an online tool, called StripHTML. Just copy the text into the box and hit "Strip HTML".

2. Copy and paste the text again from notepad to Woodpecker instead of the original text.

All the formatting with curly brackets should be removed.

If for some reason you are still getting that error, you can hunt for the curly brackets manually:

1. Switch to the HTML view using this button:

Picture with the "Text to HTML" icon highlighted

2. Look for the curly brackets. Use Ctr+F if necessary.

Picture with wrong curly brackets highlighted in the HTML view of the email

3. Remove the brackets.

Usually, whole portions of code within the brackets can be removed, as there are only leftovers that do not change the appearance of your message. Make a copy of your original message nevertheless in case you remove something important.

Picture with correct curly brackets highlighted in the HTML view of email

4. Switch to the text view again and assess if the content appears as you want it to.

5. Your message should be ready to send.

Information about successful start of your campaign

Curly brackets are allowed in the footer. In the HTML code, the footer starts with <!--foot-->

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