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How to fix the missing snippet issue?
How to fix the missing snippet issue?

Any missing snippet for a prospect will be visible in the “To Check” tab. A prospect is given the PAUSED status, which stops the sending.

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Including snippets in your email copy certainly helps with the deliverability of the campaign, but sometimes a missing snippet can stop it from sending. Whenever you add a snippet to the text, make sure to update the relevant custom field in your Prospects database.

In case Woodpecker decides that it cannot send the email to a prospect, you might be notified about it in the “To Check” tab »

Status of the prospect

When you include snippets in the campaign, Woodpecker will compare the email body with the Prospects database. For example, if you add {{FIRST_NAME}}, and forget to update it in the Prospects tab, our App won’t send the email.

Apart from that, a prospect will be given the PAUSED (SNIPPET ISSUE) status. You can see the list of not contacted prospects in your campaign view, in the “To Check” tab.

Image showing the campaign view with "To Check" tab and Snippet Issue tab.

Fixing the Missing Snippet

There are 3 options to fix this issue:

  1. Fill in the missing snippets that are marked in red. Remember to click Send after updating the custom field.

Gif showing how to fill the empty fields for prospects and send them emails.

Keep in mind that if the list of paused prospects is longer than the one you see on the first page, you need to mark all of them by clicking on the option shown in the picture below.

Image showing option for selecting all prospects.

2. Remove the specific snippet from your email copy by editing the campaign.

Image showing "Edit" button in campaign view.

In the campaign view, choose Edit in the top right corner.

Gif showing how to remove a snippet from email body.

When editing a running campaign, you pause it at the same time, so don’t forget to click Run in the campaign Summary after you remove the snippet.

"Run" button in campaign summary

3. Delete the prospect from your campaign.

Image showing how to delete prospects from campaign.

After choosing the most suitable way for you, observe the progress of your campaign. If the reason for a paused prospect is other than described above, see our article about the “To Check” tab to find the solution.

Snippet fallbacks

An alternative way for missing snippets is to set up fallback values for them. More information on this feature can be found in an article here »


Q.: I filled in the custom field and the prospect’s status remains “PAUSED”. Why?

After you fill in the information, you need to mark those prospects and click “Send” to resume sending emails.

Q.: Does Woodpecker offer fallback content for missing snippets?

Unfortunately no, our app doesn’t offer an alternative for a missing snippet. You have to fill it in manually or follow other instructions given in this article.

Q.: What if I only have data for part of my prospects list?

The easiest way would be to remove a snippet from the email body. If, however, you want to send it without changing the content, Woodpecker allows you to create a campaign with a snippet-based condition. By using this feature, you can create two paths: for prospects with and without the snippet, all in one campaign.

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