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How to use LinkedIn Tasks?

LinkedIn Tasks are our new kind of Manual Tasks which you can use to create a multichannel sequence within your campaign.

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LinkedIn Tasks are a part of the Sales Assistant add-on. Click here to learn more about it and here to know how to get it on Marketplace »

We will help you find your prospects’ LinkedIn accounts and choose how you want to reach out to them - either with a simple connection request, by sending them a LinkedIn message, by reaching out to them with InMail, or by simply viewing their account.

Head over to our blog to read more about how LinkedIn Task can make LinkedIn Outreach Easier and Close More Deals »

How to add LinkedIn Task to the campaign sequence?

To start off, click on the type of step while editing your campaign and choose LinkedIn.

LinkedIn task in the Campaign Step options

Next, select which kind of LinkedIn task you want to perform. You get to choose between sending a connection request, sending the InMail, sending a direct message on LinkedIn, or just viewing their LinkedIn account.

In the next step, you can create a message, which can later be copied and pasted while reaching out to your prospect via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn task with snippets to use and the setup for when a task is created

Snippets used within the task message will be filled with your prospect data once the task is created. Here you can learn how to use our custom fields »

You can also change the settings of your task, such as how many prospects should be enrolled with it per day, or after what time, in case this is not the beginning of your campaign sequence.

The only thing left is to finish setting up your campaign, import some prospects, and hit the Send button to start it.

How do I resolve LinkedIn Task?

Depending on the information about your prospects that you’ve uploaded into Woodpecker, LinkedIn Task can be differently resolved.

A prospect in database with the link to theirs LinkedIn profile

If you’ve provided the URL for your prospects' LinkedIn accounts, you’ll see the option to be redirected straight to their profile. Click on the View LinkedIn profile button in task details.

LinkedIn task with the option to view the prospect's LinkedIn profile

If you are wondering what is the best and the fastest way to find your prospect's LinkedIn account, check out our integrations, which will provide you with all the necessary information about your potential leads:

Or try using our integration with LinkedIn Lead Gen Form via Zapier »

However, if you don’t have the LinkedIn account URL for your prospects, Woodpecker will generate a search link, redirecting you to the list of accounts associated with your prospect’s name and company.

LinkedIn task with the option to find the prospect's LinkedIn profile

After clicking on the Find Linkedin profile button you’ll see search results in LinkedIn for this prospect’s data.

Sample view of found profiles on LinkedIn

Woodpecker will give you the most accurate search results if provided with data about the First Name, Last Name, and Company of your prospect. However, the search link can be generated without all those snippets being filled.

Once you have your prospect profile, simply click on the copy-to-clipboard button and copy-paste your message to them in the LinkedIn message form. Or send them a Connection Request, depending on which LinkedIn Task you’ve chosen.

After that, you can simply mark your task as done.

Remember that unresolved tasks will stop your prospects from moving forward in the campaign sequence. What happens if I forgot to do my task? »


Q.: Do I need to connect my LinkedIn account to Woodpecker?

No, you don't need to connect your LinkedIn account to Woodpecker, since our app won't perform these tasks for you. LinkedIn Tasks are just reminders for you, to perform specific actions manually.

Q.: I don't see the option to add tasks to my campaign. Why?

LinkedIn Tasks are a part of the Sales Assistant add-on. Click here to learn more about it and to know how to get it on Marketplace here »

Q.: Can I choose from which LinkedIn account those actions will be performed?

Yes. Since you'll be performing them manually, you can choose from which account you want to reach out to your prospects on LinkedIn by simply login into it. Woodpecker by default will open a LinkedIn with a currently logged-in user.

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