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Woodpecker API 2.0

With this article you'll learn more about our new API version.

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How it works

API 2.0 is a brand new version of Woodpecker API. It's still in beta and we're planning to develop it further so it fulfills all use cases that were covered by the old API, as well as the new ones.

API 1.0 is still available to our users and you can find a detailed documentation here.

For any API related feedback feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Table of contents

  1. API reference - a brief information about Woodpecker API 2.0

  2. Authorization - a description of how to get access to Woodpecker API 2.0

  3. Webhooks - how to get a list of webhooks you subscribed to.

  4. Blacklisting domains - how to blacklist domains for a specific Woodpecker account.

  5. Manual tasks - get information about all manual tasks created in your Woodpecker campaigns.

  6. Reports - generate reports about your campaigns performance in a given time period.

  7. Listing mailboxes - get a list of all mailboxes used on your main Woodpecker account.

  8. Team members - get a list of your team members.

  9. Adding mailboxes - add a batch of mailboxes to your Woodpecker account.

  10. Campaigns - manage campaigns on your main account.

Agency API

  1. Managing companies - get a list of all companies you manage as an agency, add new companies and get API keys created for the specific company.

  2. Managing company users - see who has the access to the specific company.

  3. Fetching client's email accounts - get a list of mailboxes used on you client's account.

  4. Blacklisting emails and domains for agencies - how to globally blacklist emails and domains for all companies under your agency.

  5. Deliverability - check the client's performance in a given period of time.

Want to integrate with us?

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