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Get all manual tasks created on your account with Woodpecker API 2.0

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Introduction to manual tasks

Manual task is a step type you can use in your campaign to remind yourself about reaching out to prospect via another channel, or do any other thing included in your sales process. You can use different types of manual tasks depending on a desired outcome: LinkedIn, Call, SMS or a simple task. Learn more about tasks here.

GET manual_tasks

To get a list of all manual tasks created on your account use the following request:


Sample response:

"prospect": {
"id": 4804,
"email": "[email protected]",
"first_name": "Erlich",
"last_name": "Bachman",
"company": "Bachmanity",
"organization_id": 93784,
"website": "",
"linkedin_url": "",
"title": "VC Angel",
"phone": "",
"address": "221 Newell Rd ",
"city": "Palo Alto",
"country": "USA",
"snippet1": "Pied Piper board member",
"snippet2": "no longer codes",
"snippet3": "",
"snippet4": "",
"snippet5": "",
"snippet6": "",
"snippet7": "",
"snippet8": "",
"snipper9": "",
"snippet10": "",
"snippet11": "",
"snippet12": "",
"snippet13": "",
"snippet14": "",
"snippet15": "",
"snippet_labels": {
"My snippet label": "Pied Piper board member"
"industry": "Software as a Service",
"state": "",
"last_contacted": "2016-08-14T02:08:58+0200",
"status": "ACTIVE",
"in_campaign": 1,
"emails_sent": 1,
"imported": "mydatabase.csv",
"interested": INTERESTED,
"campaign": {
"campaign_id": 1234567,
"campaign_name": "Campaign with tasks",
"sent_from_emails": [
"[email protected]"
"task": {
"type": "GENERIC",
"name": "Reminder",
"message": "Send a postcard.",
"due_date": "2022-08-22T07:47:10.607+0200"

Response data type:

  • prospect - a JSON object, information about prospect.

  • id - number, prospect ID.

  • email - string, prospect's email address.

  • first_name - string, prospect's first name.

  • last_name - string, prospect's last name.

  • company - string, prospect's company.

  • organization_id - number, organization ID if assigned.

  • website - string, prospect's website.

  • linkedin_url - string, a link to the prospect's LinkedIn profile.

  • tags - string, prospect's tags.

  • title - string, prospect's title.

  • phone - string, prospect's phone number.

  • address - string, prospect's home address.

  • city - string, prospect's city.

  • country - string, prospect's country.

  • snippet1...snippet15 - string, custom fields.

  • snippet_labels - JSON object, a list of custom snippet names and their values.

  • industry - string, prospect's industry.

  • state - string, prospect's state.

  • last_contacted - string, an information about the the time when last email was sent to the prospect.

  • status - string, prospect's status.

  • in_campaign - number, number of campaigns prospect belongs to.

  • emails_sent - number, total number of emails sent to the prospect.

  • imported - string, a CSV file name.

  • interested - string, interest level.

  • campaign - a JSON object, information about campaign manual task was created in.

  • campaign_id - number, campaign ID.

  • campaign_name - string, campaign name.

  • sent_from_emails - array, email addresses campaign is sent from.

  • task - a JSON object, information about task.

  • type - string, a task type. Available types: GENERIC, CALL, SMS, LINKEDIN.

  • name - string, a task name.

  • message - string, a task description.

  • due_date - string, a task due date.

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