How to manage your webhooks in Woodpecker API
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Introduction to Woodpecker webhooks

Webhooks notify you about every event related to prospects. Depends on which webhook you subscribe to, you'll get information each time a desired event happens.

Using webhooks requires API keys & integrations add-on. Click here to learn how to get it on Marketplace.

IMPORTANT: All webhooks work under the API 1.0. A detailed information how to subscribe to webhooks and what type of events you can track is here. API 2.0 at this point allows you to check which webhooks you subscribed to from your Woodpecker account.

GET webhooks

To get a list of all webhooks use the following request:

GET /rest/v2/webhooks

Sample response:

"webhooks": [
"target_url": "https://myurl.com/woodpeckerwebhooks",
"event": "EMAIL_OPENED"
"target_url": "https://myurl.com/woodpeckerwebhooks",
"target_url": "https://myurl.com/woodpeckerwebhooks",

Response data type:

  • webhooks - JSON object, list of all webhooks you subscribed to.

  • target_url - string, target URL used to receive notifications.

  • event - string, name of the event you subscribed to.


  • Webhooks are aggregated by firm ID. It means, you will receive information about every webhook you or your teammates added to the same Woodpecker account subscribed to.

Rate limits

You can subscribe to the same event up to three times per one account. If you reach the limit, you'll get the following error message:

You can only subscribe to the same webhook 3 times per one account.

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