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Can I transfer my data to another user account?
Can I transfer my data to another user account?

Unfortunately, transferring data between two different Woodpecker accounts or merging various accounts into one is not possible.

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Sometimes our users want to transfer their data to another Woodpecker account. There are several reasons they might want to do that. For example, they had a couple of trial accounts and now, they want to merge them into one premium account, without losing the data from the trial period.

The only way to transfer campaigns and data is by the export/import of the .csv files.

  • access your old (trial, expired, unused) account;

  • export prospects to .csv files and copy the content of the campaigns;

  • import it all into the new Woodpecker account.

When importing a file to Woodpecker, CSV, XLS, or XLSX formats are allowed. Export, however, is possible only in CSV.

Here you will find our instruction on how to export the data from Woodpecker.

However, remember that not everything is "transferable". For example, if you have a campaign in progress and you would like to continue the sending fluently on another Woodpecker account, you may meet some problems.

If you use the filter 'Emails sent' and choose the option 'No emails sent', you can export the list of those who haven't received your email yet and continue the campaign on another Woodpecker account. However, notice that this won't work if you've started to send the follow-ups already.

Picture showing 'No emails sent' filter

This especially applies when users from one organization create multiple separate accounts but would like to use the team functionality (e.g. mutual prospects base, ability to check colleagues' campaigns, etc.) after getting the premium subscription.

Therefore, we recommend adding users to the team before starting to use multiple accounts in Woodpecker.

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