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Campaign is marked as completed too early
Campaign is marked as completed too early

Woodpecker campaigns are displayed as Completed if there are no more emails in the sending queue.

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However, sometimes you may notice that your campaign is marked as Completed even if some emails haven't been sent yet. In that case, have a look at the To Check tab.

If there are any prospects marked as To Check, a red dot appears next to the column's name:

Picture with an arrow pointing to the "To check" tab

Let's say that you run a campaign for 500 prospects. After a few days since it started, you check the statistics - you find that 200 emails were delivered, 4 email addresses were marked as invalid and 1 as bounced. Together it makes only 205 emails, however, the App shows that the campaign is completed. So why Woodpecker hasn't sent the rest of the emails?

To find it out, open the To Check column → category Snippet Issue.

"Snippet issue" category with fields marked in red colour

Category Snippet Issue includes prospects whose custom fields – snippets are missing. Woodpecker cannot send emails to them because there is no data to be merged with the snippet used in the copy. However, those addresses are not considered as queued emails – that's why the campaign's status says it is Completed although not all of the emails have gone out.

In the example shown above, a column with Snippet 3 is marked in red because this particular snippet was added to the copy, but the corresponding fields are empty in the database.

As soon as you fill in the missing fields and click 'Send', Woodpecker will mark those prospects as 'Queued' and the sending process will be resumed.

Alternatively, you can remove the snippet from the email copy and bulk change your prospects' status. Learn how to update statuses in bulk »

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