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How to use Folders to manage campaigns
How to use Folders to manage campaigns

Folders have been created to help you manage your existing and future campaigns.

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They will come in handy if you'd like to:

  • Organize your campaigns.

  • Improve team cooperation.

  • Separate folders for each campaign type.

  • Create folders for A/B testing.

  • Easily find custom emails that you have sent directly from your Woodpecker Inbox using the feature New Email.


Step 1: Create Folders

Folders view

  1. Go to your Campaigns.

  2. Change the view to Folders.

  3. Click ADD FOLDER.

  4. Name your folder and press enter.

Gif showing how to create a folder in 'Folders' tab

Campaigns view

  1. Click the dropdown menu next to your campaign.

  2. Select Move to folder.

  3. Type in the name of your new folder.

  4. Click ADD FOLDER.

  5. Your campaign will be added to a new folder. The folder's name will appear next to the sender's name (sender's tag).

Gif showing how to add a folder in 'Campaigns' tab

Step 2: Move campaign to a Folder

  1. Click the dropdown menu next to your campaign.

  2. Choose Move to folder.

  3. Select one of the existing folders, or create a new one.

Gif showing how to move a campaign to a different folder

Tip: To change folders quickly, click on the folder's dropdown and then select a different one.

Image with the folders list

Please note that one campaign can be assigned to only one folder.

Step 3: Delete Folders

  1. Navigate to Campaigns → Folders.

  2. Open the dropdown menu of the folder you want to delete.

  3. Click Delete.

  4. If you added some campaigns to that folder, you'll be informed about their number.

  5. Click Yes, I'm sure to proceed.

Gif showing how to delete a folder

Deleting folders doesn't delete campaigns added there. When you delete a folder, campaigns remain intact. To find them on your Campaigns list, use the filter Folder Not in any folder.

Folders view

Right next to each folder you will find the information about the campaigns added to it. Click on the icon or the corresponding number to see the campaigns of this status (Running, Stopped, Paused, Edited, Draft, Completed.)

Click All to see the total number of campaigns added to your folder.

Picture with the folder view information


Q.: What happens when I copy the campaign assigned to one of my folders?
That campaign will be copied to the same folder.

Picture with an arrow pointing to the option to copy a campaign

Q.: Can I change the name of my folders?
Yes, please click the more options icon and then Rename.

Picture showing where to rename the folder

Q.: Can I add a couple of campaigns to one folder at the same time (bulk adding to a folder)?
No, bulk adding campaigns isn't possible.

Q.: How can I find folders added by me or my colleagues?
Use the "Created by" filter in the Folders view.

Picture wih an arrow pointing to 'Created by' filter

Q.: Can I add my campaign to more than one folder?
No, one campaign can be added to one folder only.

Q.: How can I remove my campaign from the folder?
Click on the folder's dropdown and then remove from folder.

Picture showing how to remove a campaign from a folder

Q.: Where can I find campaigns which haven't been added to any folders?
You can find them on the Campaign list, filtering by Folder Not in any folder

Picture showing how to filter a campaign with 'Not in any folder' criterium

Q.: I deleted my folder by mistake. What happens now?
Don't worry. Your campaigns don't get deleted. You can still find them on your Campaign list, by filtering Not in any folder.

Q.: Can I add my campaign to a folder when editing it?
Please save your campaign first, and then add it to the existing folder or create a new one.

Q.: What does the custom email mean? Where can I find them?

Custom email sign

Custom email is a separate message sent in the form of a Woodpecker campaign. Read more » To find them, go to Campaigns and then filter your campaigns by FolderCUSTOM EMAILS.

Gif showing how to filter the Custom emails with the 'Folder' list
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