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How to check if my campaign is sending emails - sent stats
How to check if my campaign is sending emails - sent stats
Sometimes the campaign is running but you’re not sure if the emails are being sent because the stats haven't been updated.
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For example, you run a campaign for 307 prospects which includes Email #1 and two follow-ups. Your sending limit is 200 emails a day and you’ve noticed that the numbers in the stats haven't been updated for a while - you suspect that Woodpecker has stopped sending emails.

That’s because, in the main view, Woodpecker displays overall statistics for the whole campaign.

Campaign stats in Campaigns list view

In the campaign's stats, the 'SENT' field refers to Email #1.

General stats with "Sent" number highlighted

This number of sent emails rises when Woodpecker sends Email #1 to your prospects. However, when the follow-ups are going out, they take priority over Email #1. Although the campaign is running, Email #1 won't go out until all the scheduled follow-ups are sent. That's why this number in the stats hasn't been updated for a while. But there's a way to check the stats for all three emails.

To see stats for Email #1 and the two follow-ups, you need to scroll down the page:

Sent and Delivered emails in stats

Moreover, if you click on 'SENT' in the main stats view, you will be redirected to the list of the emails that Woodpecker has sent recently within this campaign:

Click on "sent" number to see them in Prospects tab

This tab informs you when (the exact date and time) and how many emails were sent to each of your prospects.

Contacted prospects list in the campaign's prospects tab

If you see recent dates and hours in this tab, it means that your campaign hasn't stopped.

Deliverability tab Monitor

With Deliverability Monitor, you can see not only statistics for one specific campaign but also for all of them combined, in an easy-to-read graph form.

Graph from Deliverability monitor

To check how many emails were sent and delivered, choose your campaign from a list and then you can either see the numbers in the table or filter the graph by Messages sent and Delivered messages.

Overall summary in Deliverability monitor

For more detailed information about the Deliverability tab, check our article here »

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