How can I delay my campaign?

Scheduling a campaign for the future can help you better organize your work and give you time to provide all the information you need.

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Usually, when creating a campaign in Woodpecker, you run it right away or save it as a draft for editing later. Up to that point, there was no option between those two – now, Woodpecker gives the ability to schedule the campaign to start in the future, with a specific date chosen.

How to set it up?

At the beginning of editing the campaign, right when creating the Path of it, you’ll see the clock icon with the scheduling option.

When you click on it, you’ll be able to select the date for when the campaign should start. Just choose a day from the pop-up calendar and your choice will be saved.

After that, you’ll see the information that says “Start no sooner than X”.

And that’s it! When you go back to the Campaigns list view, a tag will be assigned to the campaign you have set up a delay for.

The information about the campaign start date will also be visible when you enter the campaign after you click on the arrow developing the details of Step 1, as well as in the Summary before you run the campaign.

Pick a future date

There might be a situation in which you’ve created a campaign, scheduled it to be started at a certain date, and saved it as a draft. After some time, you entered the campaign to edit it once again, but you did it after the date that had been set up in the delay settings.

If you try to start it, you’ll be notified that a different day for a delay has to be chosen, or you can clear the scheduled date, in which case your campaign will start immediately after clicking the “Run” button.

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