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What can you find in General settings?
What can you find in General settings?

'General settings' is a place where you can set all the basic information that you need for sending and receiving emails.

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Whether you’re a new or a long-time user, you might wonder where to change the information needed for completing your email account setup. This article will be a quick guide about the General settings tab, walking you through all the settings you can edit there.

Firstly, log in to your account and go to Settings.

After being transferred to the Accounts page, you can click on the email account you want to manage.

The first thing you’ll see after clicking on the email address is the General settings tab. From there you can navigate three things:

From name

This field lets you set your sender’s name that will be visible to your recipients.

From name in General settings


In this tab, you can write a signature that'll be attached to your every email. Usually, this could consist of your name, your role, company name, company address, and other important, in your opinion, information.

There are many options to edit your text and even add it in the form of HTML. More information on this can be found in our help article on editing and updating your signature »

Signature in General Settings


Here you can find the information on which of your email addresses will be receiving and sending messages.

Configuration section in General settings

It’s also a place where you can edit the configuration of your account, by clicking on the ‘edit’ link. You will be able to change your IMAP data and also reconnect the account in case of a Conditional Email Connection » As for the SMTP Server data, it cannot be changed – the only way to do that is by removing the email account from Woodpecker and connecting it again.

You can also see the Add Alias button below that lets you add an alternate sending address to your primary email address. To learn how to do that, read our help article on setting an alias »

Remember to always save your changes after you replace anything in those tabs.

Save changes and cancel buttons

And that’s all there is to it!

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