How it works


This is a local status which means that it exists only within a campaign.

How it works

  • Status NONRESPONSIVE is assigned automatically if your prospect doesn't answer any of your emails within an email sequence.

  • This status is available only in the campaign.

  • When your prospects reply, unsubscribe, or the message gets bounced after some time, the status gets updated.

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Q: What happens if my prospect responds to my email after some time?

In case your prospects reply, unsubscribe, or the message gets bounced, Woodpecker updates the status accordingly.

Prospects with the

Q: Can I send more emails to prospects who hit the end of our campaign and are marked as NONRESPONSIVE?

Yes, you can add more emails to the sequence in order to reach out to those prospects. Edit your campaign, add some follow-ups and click "SEND".

Q: How can I find prospects who are marked as NONRESPONSIVE?

Open your campaign, go to the 'Prospects' tab and filter your prospects by 'Status' → NONRESPONSIVE.

Filtering your prospects in a campaign with the

Q: Can I export the list of the nonresponsive prospects?

Yes, first, look up the prospects with NONRESPONSIVE status (1.). Secondly, checkmark the ones which you want to download (2). Thirdly, click 'Actions' (3.) → 'Export as .csv' (4.)

Picture with tutorial on how to export Nonresponsive prospects step-by-step

Q: How can I find NONRESPONSIVE prospects when editing a campaign?

First, open your campaign and click 'Edit'. Secondly, scroll down to the PROSPECTS section. Thirdly, filter your contacts by 'Status' → NONRESPONSIVE.

Filtering prospects with
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