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Testing your email connection – emails sent from Woodpecker
Testing your email connection – emails sent from Woodpecker
Those are the internal email addresses that we use to test if everything works properly on your Woodpecker account.
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How it works

Email account connection notifications

When you're connecting your email account to Woodpecker, we trigger your email account to send a message to our internal email address [email protected].

If that message is successfully received, our system sends an automatic email from [email protected] to the email address that you're connecting.

Connecting an email account to a company in your Agency panel

In case you're connecting a mailbox to a company under the Agency panel, we will send the message from the email account connected to your Agency account. The content of that message can be crafted by you in the Agency panel settings. Have a look at the Woodpecker Agency Quickstart Guide »

The confirmation email should land in your primary inbox. If it doesn't, check the Troubleshooting section below.

As the addressee, you'll see Email subject starts with a random string of numbers, for example, [a2bb066d], and says Testing your email connection with

That notification message looks like the one on the image below:

Subject line of a testing email in the inbox


If you can't find the test message in your inbox, that may mean that your email account was connected conditionally. Here's what to do:

  1. Check your SPAM or junk folder.

  2. If the message is there, move it to the primary inbox.

  3. Try connecting your mailbox again. Remember to remove any labels or forwarding options. Learn why »

  4. Your email address should be connected successfully.

  5. In case of further issues, see our help article about connection »

Deliverability test emails – campaign email

If you have any active campaigns, Woodpecker will be testing your email connection and deliverability every day. We will be sending the test email to another of our internal email addresses, [email protected]. This test message is sent to check your domain settings, such as SPF records or DKIM. Although the text of those emails can be different from the original copy of your campaign, we do it to make sure that you're up-to-date with your domain settings.

What copy do we send?

There are two types of emails:

  1. The first one is sent each day with the first "campaign" email from a given mailbox. It uses the actual copy that is sent to the prospect.

  2. The other one is sent when you press the 'REFRESH' button to test your deliverability. Go to the Domain Check-up tab in the Email Accounts Settings. The language used in the email and its copy can be different each time you hit the button.


Q: Can you tell me why my second mail in the campaign was sent to Woodpecker mail? Have I done something wrong in setting up the campaign?

As mentioned above, there's no need to panic. This relatively new procedure started when we added a Domain Check-up tab to the Email Accounts Settings. We send test emails to check if your SPF and DKIM settings are correct.

What does it mean for you? As you know, deliverability is a pretty important thing – SPF and DKIM are used to authenticate your domain and show your prospects that you're a trusted sender. In the end, we have the same goal – to have your messages delivered directly to your prospects' inboxes.

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