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How to set up a task-based condition
How to set up a task-based condition

Set up a campaign with a task-based condition and send even more personalized messages to those prospects, for whom you’ve completed a task.

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How it works

Task-based condition lets you contact persons to whom you’ve proceeded with additional actions, such as making phone calls or sending a connection request on the social media platform. This allows you to create a more personalized email copy.

There are two conditions associated with tasks: snippet-based and whether they are marked as ‘done’. For the first one, you set it up just like you would with a normal snippet-based condition, choosing between three options it has to offer.

With the latter, if the task is marked as ’done’, the prospects will be moved to the YES path. If it’s marked as ‘ignored’, they will end up in NO path.

List of options for task-based condition

If a task for your prospect will remain unresolved they won’t go further in the campaign sequence, as their task will be neither ‘done’ nor ‘ignored’. What happens if I forget to do my task? »

Why do we recommend setting it up?

  • gain more control over your campaign flow,

  • create more personalized emails,

  • send follow-ups triggered by your action toward prospects,

  • observe a higher engagement rate.

How to set it up

  1. Create your campaign with one or more tasks or follow-ups in your sequence.

  2. Next, click ADD CONDITION and select the condition based on your task. Please remember that you can only add one condition to your campaign.

  3. Finish off by adding either email or another task in both paths YES and NO. Then simply import your prospects and click ‘Send’.

Choosing the condition for a snippet

How to remove the condition

Hover over the condition so the red X appears. Click it and then confirm with the red button 'Yes, I'm sure'.

Remember that you can not delete the condition if even one prospect already met it.

Gif with removing a condition

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