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How to set it up
How to remove conditions

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How it works

Open-based conditions let you contact more engaged prospects. Set up campaigns with an open-based condition and send more personalized messages to those who opened your emails.

There are 2 open-based conditions to choose from:

  1. If a prospect has opened an email more than X times — specify how many times (X) you want a prospect to open your email for a condition to be met.
    X stands for the number and it can be changed.

  2. If a prospect has opened an email —it's enough that a prospect opened your email at least once for a condition to be met.

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Why do you want to set it up?

  • gain more control over your campaign strategy,

  • send follow-ups triggered by the action your prospect takes,

  • add more personalization to your email sequence,

  • avoid spam filters and get a deliverability boost,

  • observe higher engagement rates.

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How to set it up?

1. Start your If-campaign and add one or more follow-ups to your email sequence.

Remember to have the open tracking switched on.

Information that Open tracking needs to be on for the condition

In case you forget about switching it on, Woodpecker will notify you about it.

Information to turn on open tracking in the previous email

2. Next, click ADD CONDITION and select one of the 2 click-based conditions:

  • has opened an email more than X times.
    The default number is set to 5. You can change it at any time. Simply click 5 and type in the number.

  • has opened an email at least once.

Please mind that you can add a maximum of one condition to your email sequence.

3. Finish off by adding content to the emails in the YES and NO Paths. Then, import some prospects and send your campaign.

Options for open-based conditions

How to remove conditions?

Hover over the condition so the red X appears. Click it and then confirm with the red button "Yes, I'm sure".

Removing a condition

What will happen to the emails in the sequence?

Removing the condition will delete all emails from Path NO.

When is removing conditions disabled?

You can't remove the condition when at least one of your prospects has already met the condition.

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