To aggregate emails sent from Woodpecker in your CRM, follow the steps below:

1. Find BCC to CRM email address in your CRM settings.

2. Go to Woodpecker SettingsAccounts

3. Click on the Email Address.

4. Go to Sending → CRM Email Address

5. Copy-paste the email address found in your CRM and click save changes

Image with arrows showing where to set the BBC email to desired CRM

You can also pair up BCC to your CRM while connecting an email account to Woodpecker. When the connection goes successfully, in the "Set your from name and signature" step, you'll find the option to write the CRM email address.

Option to write the CRM email address in

BCC and CC in a campaign

While creating a campaign, there's an option to add your CC and BCC email addresses under the main sending address. Click on the links next to the "send from:" line and the areas to enter them will appear.

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