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Zoho CRM integration with Woodpecker
Zoho CRM integration with Woodpecker

Thanks to the native integration with Zoho CRM, you’re able to sync your prospects from Woodpecker to Zoho Contacts.

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Zoho integration is a part of an API Key and Integrations add-on, click here to learn how to get it on Marketplace »


How it works

With the aid of Zoho CRM, you can engage with customers, convert more leads, and increase your revenue. It streamlines your process, policy, and people into one platform and combines your sales, marketing, and customer support activities.

Brief information on how the integration works:

  • You can connect your account with the OAuth method.

  • One-way and two-way synchronizations are available.

  • Synchronized prospects will be added to Contacts in Zoho.

  • There’s no historical data synchronization, so only prospects added to Woodpecker after enabling the integration will appear in your Zoho account.

  • You can map any field you want, the default ones being: Email, First name, and Last name.

How to integrate Woodpecker account with Zoho

To start with, you need to have a Zoho CRM account. In your Woodpecker account, head to the Marketplace and navigate to the Integrations tab. You’ll see a list of all the integrations our App has to offer and among them the one with Zoho.

After clicking on it, you’ll have to connect it to your Woodpecker account. Click on the “Connect” button.

You’ll be asked to log in to your Zoho account, or if you’ve done it already, allow Woodpecker to access the data in your Zoho account by clicking the “Accept” button. By doing that, our App can retrieve user data and have full access to make changes in the Zoho module automatically.

Once it’s done, you can review the settings of this integration in Woodpecker. In the “Field mapping” tab, you can see which fields are being synchronized from Woodpecker to Zoho. The default ones are Email, First name, and Last name, but it's possible to add new fields that fit your needs.

In the General settings tab of the Zoho integration, you can choose which synchronization option suits you best: two-way, or one-way only.

When you add a prospect to your Woodpecker database, they will be automatically added to the Contacts tab of your Zoho account, as you can see in the example below.

  • In the picture below, some prospects were added to the main Woodpecker database after connecting to Zoho.

  • The same prospects are visible in the Contacts tab of the Zoho CRM account.

Keep in mind that only the data of your prospects will be synchronized – no copy of the email or a reply will be visible in Zoho CRM.

Pausing the integration

Remember that you can always pause the integration without losing the whole configuration of it. To do that, simply click on the switch button visible in every tab of this integration:

No contacts will be synced when the integration is paused, so don't forget to enable it when you want to keep control of your leads!

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