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Managing Woodpecker Account
Multiple accounts under one login
Multiple accounts under one login

Managing more than one account or agency under the same login is possible and here you’ll find a tutorial on how to make that happen.

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Switching between an agency and the main account is fairly straightforward, but what if you have a second Woodpecker account and want the process to bypass logging out and into the App? There’s an option to do that in a quick way, but you have to follow the steps below.

Multiple accounts under one login

To connect your accounts, you have to use the same email address you’ve connected to the “first” account. You can create a second Woodpecker account with a different email address, or set it up in a company registered earlier.

Head to the section called Company settings, right under your account settings. On the left menu, choose the ‘Team’ tab.

Step-by-step adding a new team member in Company Settings tab

Add a team member to your Team and in the email address field, type in the address you have connected to the first account. This way, you are inviting yourself to another account. Remember to checkmark the box “Admin” to give yourself full access there.

Image with inviting a new team member

Once invited, go to the mailbox and find the invitation sent from our system.

Click on the button and you should be redirected to our website with a window for logging into the App. Log in with the credentials used for the account you just invited.

If the process goes well, your two Woodpecker accounts will connect. You will be able to switch between them after clicking on your account’s name in the right corner and choosing the second company name from the drop-down list.

Multiple Agencies under one login

Woodpecker Agency is where you can keep track of all of your clients' Companies and campaigns. You can launch campaigns for your own business and adjust any settings from the Company panel (such as Billing Data or Agency Options).

Naturally, to set up more than one Agency under one login, you have to configure Agency Add-on on each of your accounts. After you’ve done that, it’s important to add yourself as a user to your Team, right under the Company settings tab. The process of this particular action is described in the first section of this article.

Step-by-step adding a new team member in Company Settings tab
Image with inviting a new team member

Once everything is set up, switching between agencies is a matter of clicking on the person icon in the drop-down list, as marked with the number 2 in the image below.

Account name dropdown with an Agency icon and another Account icon

The name marked with the number 1 on the picture above – next to the briefcase icon – is an indicator of the current account you are logged into, and also the name of your Agency.

Once you click on the other profile’s name, you will be redirected to your other Agency without the need to log out of Woodpecker to do so.

Keep in mind that you can connect your account to more than two agencies, just by following the steps described above.

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