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How can I receive replies to a different email address?
How can I receive replies to a different email address?

With the email account connected, you can change its IMAP settings to set up a different receiving email address.

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There might be a situation when you would like to add another email address as your receiving one. You can do so in our App, but you have to remember to set it up in your webmail settings first. Woodpecker supports various email providers, as long as there is IMAP involved in the process. That means IMAP must be enabled, and POP3 disabled.

Setup in webmail settings

The first thing to do here is to find the Forwarding and IMAP settings on your email provider’s site. Log in to the account you have connected to Woodpecker already. Then, look for the Forwarding or IMAP settings on your webmail.

For example, in Google, it’s under Settings → See all settings.

Forwarding options in Gmail settings

To learn how to exactly set it up, see your provider’s tutorials:

Keep in mind that some providers won’t allow you to use an email address from another email service.

Make sure to leave a copy of a message in the main inbox, as Woodpecker needs around 20 minutes to detect it and synchronize it with the App. Learn more about detecting emails from our help article here »

Configuration in Woodpecker

Setting up forwarding in your webmail should be enough for it to work, but in order to avoid any misinformation, consider setting it in Woodpecker too.

Head to your email account’s General settings, scroll down to the Configuration tab, and click on the “edit” link there.

For “SMTP server data”, Woodpecker might ask you to connect a different account. Just choose the one you already have connected, as it is the one used for sending emails.

Under the “IMAP Server data” choose the provider for your forwarding address. Connect it by clicking on a button or by filling the fields for credentials manually.

'Edit connection settings' screen

Wait for Woodpecker to connect everything, as it might take a while. After receiving the information about a successful connection, you are ready to run your campaigns.

Information about successful connection


You might come across the information about Conditional Connection, just like in the picture below.

Information about Conditional connection

In this case, check the settings of your email provider to make sure:

  • you have enabled forwarding for your sending email address,

  • you have disabled POP3,

  • the forwarding email address is correct.

Save the changes, and after everything is set, repeat the process of connecting IMAP in Woodpecker, as described in section 2.

If you’re still receiving a message about conditional connection, reconnect your account without any options for forwarding enabled.

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