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What can you find in the Deliverability tab?
What can you find in the Deliverability tab?

Deliverability tab is the best place to check your sending trends and track your sender reputation from one place.

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How it works

Deliverability tab can be found on your Woodpecker App’s top banner, right next to the Inbox. Simply click on it and then choose the 'Monitor' tab to see the data about the performance of your campaigns over time.

Image showing Deliverability tab with Overall summary

Send from

Here you can choose an email account (or you can select data for all of them), for which you want to see statistics. You’ll be able to review data for email accounts removed from Woodpecker as well.

Image with arrows pointing to "Send from" field and chosen account


Here you can choose a certain campaign (or you can select to see data for all your campaigns) for which you want to review data. You’ll be able to review data for deleted campaigns as well.

Gif with going through the list of campaigns in Campaign field


Here, you can choose the timezone in which Woodpecker will present your data. By default, it will be set to your timezone set in My Profile.

Gif with going through the list of timezones in Timezone field


Here you can set the period for which you want to review your campaign’s data. You can choose between Last week, Last month or Last year or choose your custom range. Data is available starting from January 1st, 2021.

Gif with choosing custom data range from Period field

How to read statistics

Overall summary from Deliverability monitor

You can review 6 types of stats in the Deliverability tab: Emails Sent, Delivered Emails, Views, Replies, Bounces, and Interest Level.

  • Emails Sent - how many emails were sent in the chosen date range from a chosen account.

  • Delivered Emails - how many emails from the sent ones got delivered to your prospects’ mailboxes.

  • Views - how many times have your sent messages been viewed.

  • Replies - how many responses you've received to your sent emails.

  • Bounces - how many bounces you've received.

Interest Level - how many of your prospects were marked as Interested, Maybe, and Not Interested. Keep in mind that we’ll only count those massages marked by our AI-Interest Level.

Gif with hvering on the arrow next to stats to show the number from previous period

Arrow next to your stats will show you their tendency in comparison with the last same period.

How to read graph

Below the statistics, you can find their visual representation in the form of a graph.

Deliverability monitor graph with filters "Messages sent" and "Messages delivered" on

The graph represents the statistics that you can see above it (Emails Sent, Delivered Emails, etc.). Below the chart, you can choose which data you want to visualize.

In the top left corner of your graph, you can choose how you want to visualize your data. Choose between:

  • Single values - graph will show you stats values per specific period of time.

  • Cumulative - graph will represent the sum of certain stats till the point in a period.

Gif showing choosing between Single values and Cumulative on the graph

You can hover on dots on your graph to review the data for the specific part of it.

Gif with hovering over specific points on the graph

Exporting data

You can export the data about the performance of your campaigns through time using the button in the top right corner of the Deliverability monitor.

Picture with arrows showing where to export a file in Deliverability tab

By choosing CSV, you’ll get the file with the columns and numbers visible in Woodpecker.

Exported stats in the .csv file

If you'd like to export the graph, you can do so by choosing the PDF option. Your generated file will contain information about statistics and two graphs: data visualized in single values and in cumulative.

Generated PDF file with stats and two graphs

Woodpecker Agency

If you have an account under Woodpecker Agency, the Deliverability tab is also available for all Agency users.

Deliverability tab in Agency panel

The page will display a list of all clients that had any activity during the period chosen at the top of the page. By activity, we understand that some emails were sent, bounced, opened, or replied to. The default criteria are set to show statistics from the period of last month, so you may not see everything.

View of the Client in Deliverability tab for Agency

You can choose the timezone and period for your deliverability stats. For the latter, the available options are All time, Last week, Last month, Last year, and Custom data range. Just like in the individual account, the data is available starting from January 1st, 2021.

List of available periods of time for reports

After choosing your desired criteria, search for a client for which you want to see results, or simply your own. Stats visible next to the company name match those in the main Deliverability tab, minus Interest Level.

Client name with statistics under Deliverability tab

To check the client performance from the Agency panel level, click on the arrow on the right and a graph with statistics over time will appear. For more detailed information, you have to log in to the Client.

Graph for a company under Deliverability tab and arrow pointing to 'Log in' icon

Keep in mind that you can log in if you have permission from an admin of your account. When you try entering a client that you don’t have access to, relevant information will pop up.

Information about access denied to the company account

After successful login, you will be transferred to the main Deliverability tab, for which the details are described in the first part of this article.


Q.: Can I export the graph?

Yes, you certainly can! Simply click on the "Export" button and select the PDF option.

Q.: Why am I seeing gaps in dates under my graph?

We’ll not show you a date on which none of the actions that are being counted in Deliverability stats took place (for example, no emails were sent).

Q.: Can I see data older than from January 1st, 2021?

No, we only have data from 2021-01-01 available to review in the Deliverability tab.

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