1. How it works

  2. How to set it up

Hubspot integration is a part of an API Key and Integrations add-on, click here to learn how to get it on Marketplace »

1. How it works

This built-in integration with Hubspot and its two-way sync will keep your prospects’ data updated in both apps as data is shared between Woodpecker and Hubspot in real-time.

All of your data that you’ve already stored on Woodpecker and/or Hubspot will be shared with each other since this integration supports historical syncing. What’s more, fields from Hubspot and Woodpecker will be automatically mapped so all you need to do is just set it up with our API Key.


  • creating contacts both in HubSpot and Woodpecker,

  • updating contacts' description in Woodpecker and Hubspot,

  • merging contacts data in HubSpot with Woodpecker.

2. How to set it up

First, you’ll need to Generate the API Key in Woodpecker » as you’ll need it to connect both applications in Hubspot.

Once it is ready, copy the key to use it.

Next, move on to Hubspot and their App Marketplace:

There, look for Woodpecker using the search bar at the top of the page. Once you find our app, simply click on it.

You’ll be redirected to the page about Woodpecker » with the integration overview and a short description of how it works.

From this page, click on the Install App button in the right top corner of the page.

After that, you should see the pop-up window that will take you through the process of installing this integration.

The first step is to connect with a Woodpecker account using API Key, which you’ve generated at the beginning.

After copying and pasting the key, click on the Connect to Woodpecker button. Next step is Setting up the sync.

The only objects that are being synced in this integration are Prospects, which are marked to sync by default and you can’t change that.

Next, you’ll see two pages: the Sync rules and Field Mapping.

From the Sync rules one, set more advanced options such as:

  • Records you want to sync - you can filter the records which you want to sync between Woodpecker and Hubspot. Use available filters from the drop-down list under both apps:

  • How to manage duplicates - you can choose if you want to sync contacts only with email addresses (which helps avoid duplicating your contacts) or also those without:

  • How to resolve data conflicts - in this section you need to choose which app should overwrite each other's data in case there will be any differences in the prospect’s info. "Default to HubSpot" means that in case of a conflict Hubspot will overwrite Woodpecker's data. This is also the default setting.

From the Field Mapping page, you can check how the data will be mapped between Hubspot and Woodpecker. The option to change the mapping settings will depend on the Hubspot plan you’re on.

The last step is to review your integration settings and turn it on. You can do so by clicking on the Review button in the top right corner of the page.

Next, you’ll see a panel with all the settings of the sync and at the bottom of it, you’ll find an option to either Save and sync or just Save this integration for later.

Click the Save and sync button in order to sync data between Hubspot and Woodpecker right away.

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