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Managing Woodpecker Account
How can I upgrade my account?
How can I upgrade my account?

TL;DR Since we do not operate on pricing plans, upgrading your account can be done by purchasing any of our add-ons.

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How to upgrade your account

While creating your campaign in Woodpecker you might stumble across one of our tooltips informing you that you cannot use one of the more advanced features like, for example, A/B tests.

Tooltip with information about adding specific add-on

In order to unlock additional features and upgrade your account, please go to Marketplace Add-ons and click on the extra feature which you are interested in.

Picture pointing to one chosen add-on

Note: displayed price might be different for you as it is based on the number of slots that you currently have. Take a look at Billing: FAQ » to understand it better.

After clicking on the chosen add-on you will see its description and underneath will be a price that will be added to your billing period.

Picture with chosen add-on, it's price underlined and a button to add it

Once you click on the green button you’ll be able to use newly purchased features right away. By adding any add-on in the middle of your billing cycle, you will pay a prorated amount for it right away, since all of our payments are pre-paid.

Please note that the Daily Limit add-on cannot be completely removed, but only changed by selecting a smaller limit in the Marketplace. The default Daily limit on your Woodpecker account is 50 contacted prospects per day.

If you want to learn more about what our add-ons have to offer, please visit articles dedicated to each of them:

Adding more Slots

You can also upgrade your account by adding additional slots, which will allow you to run campaigns using more email accounts. Check out our guide on Adding and removing slots »

Picture showing step-by-step tutorial for adding slots

Note: if you’ve purchased any add-on, its features will be applied to all the slots under your account. The final price for the slot is the basic fee and costs of active add-ons.

How to downgrade your account

If you wish to lower your subscription price, please review your active add-ons as you might not need all of them to run a successful campaign in Woodpecker.

In case you would like to remove any of them, click on its icon in the Marketplace → Add-ons tab, and under its description, you will see the “Remove add-on” button.

Picture with arrow pointing to "Remove add-on" link

If you remove the add-on in the middle of the billing cycle, the payment difference will be returned to you in the form of a discount for the next subscription period.

Removing slots

Another step to lower your subscription price would be to delete unnecessary slots from your account. You can do so by clicking on the grey cross next to the slot space.

Deleting slot by clicking on the grey cross

Note: you can only delete empty slots. In order to empty them, please deactivate some of your email accounts »


Q: Can I activate the add-on for only part of my slots?
No, once you purchase the add-on, its features will be applied to all the slots under your account.

Q: Can I switch emails connected to a slot?
Yes, if you no longer send emails with an email account you can deactivate it and connect another email address for the same slot. More on this topic in our article about Managing your Email Accounts »

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