1. Go to app.woodpecker.co and click the link "Forgot password?"

2. Enter your email address

Use the email address you selected when creating your Woodpecker account, or login email. You will receive an email with a reset password-link to complete this process.

3. Click the link in your email

In case you can't find the email in your Inbox, check SPAM or junk folder.

You'll be redirected back to Woodpecker's login page.

4. Enter a new password and click "Reset password"

5. Log in to your Woodpecker account

6. Success! Let's get back to creating campaigns.

Before sending your campaign though, visit our blog to read about 14 Deliverability Checks to Carry Out Before Sending Your Cold Email Campaign.

Are you experiencing any issues with resetting your password? Let us know at [email protected]

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