Can I pause my account for the time being?

Yes, in order to keep your profile and all data for later use, you can have your account paused.

  1. Go to SettingsBILLING → Billing & Payment Info.

  2. Scroll down to the 'DELETE ACCOUNT' section.

  3. Click 'Pause or cancel'.

  4. Click 'Pause account $10/mo'.

Alternatively, contact support specifying your Woodpecker login.

How it works

While your account is paused, sending emails and creating new campaigns is disabled, but you retain full access to all your data: you can review and tag messages in Inbox, update your prospect base and download any entries to a CSV file, as well as review any of your campaigns, and related statistics. These will also update with any new replies from your prospects during the pause.

What remains functional


What is disabled

reviewing and tagging emails


sending emails

reviewing statistics, editing emails, editing and downloading prospects


creating new campaigns

editing and removing prospects, downloading entries to a CSV file


adding new prospects

editing profile and billing data, modifying signatures


adding or removing Users or Email Accounts


When your account is paused, the monthly fee is reduced to $10.

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