How to get access to Woodpecker API

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Authentication overview

Authentication is made with API key. You can generate it in your Woodpecker panel. Not sure how? Check this guide.

API Key is a part of an API Key and Integrations add-on, click here to learn how to get it on Marketplace »

Your API key identifies your account so keep it secret!

Remember, API key is a required parameter. We'll return an error if it's missing or invalid.

Another noteworthy thing is that if you use Agency panel, each company you've added can have their own API keys. To access any data from a specific company added to your Agency, you need to generate API key for this company.

How to access Woodpecker API

All API requests starts with

To make request you can place your API key in headers, as following:

     headers : { 
"Authorization" : "Basic <API KEY>"

If you prefer to use cURL, you can use the following syntax:

curl --location --request GET '' \ 
--header 'Authorization: Basic <API_KEY>'

Remember to encode your API key to Base64 format before using it in cURL request.

If you're using an API platform such as Postman to access the API, you need to choose Authentication Basic option and provide your API key (not encoded) as a username or password.

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