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Leadpresso integration with Woodpecker
Leadpresso integration with Woodpecker

Leadpresso is a great prospecting tool for digital agencies and SaaS businesses with a database of 9+ milion email addresses.

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Description about Leadpresso and Woodpecker integration

API Key, which is necessary to connect Leadpresso with Woodpecker, is a part of the API Key and Integrations add-on. Click here to learn how to get it on Marketplace »

1. How to set it up

In order to connect Woodpecker to Leadpresso, you need to start with generating API Key from our app.

  1. Go to Settings → 'Marketplace' → ‘Integrations’.

  2. Go to API keys and click 'CREATE A KEY'.

Image with arrows pointing step-by-step how to generate API Key in Woodpecker

3. Once the API Key is generated, copy it.

Image showing icon which user can click to copy API Key to their clipboard

Moving on to the Leadpresso

Once you have API Key from Woodpecker, go to your Leadpresso dashboard, to the Integrations tab.

Image with arrow pointing to the 'Integrations' tab in Leadpresso

There you’ll see a box for your API Key from Woodpecker on the right. Paste it there and click Save.

Image with field from Leadpresso where user needs to paste API Key from Woodpecker

If you’ve done everything correctly you should see the success green bar, which means you can now look for your new prospects in Leadpresso.

Image with success bar from Leadpresso after connecting Woodpecker

Visit the Leadpresso webpage for more information on how to look for your perfect prospects and organize them in the app »

How to export prospects into Woodpecker

Once you prepare your list with contacts that you want to move over to Woodpecker, simply click on the Export button on the right top corner of your list.

Image pointing to 'Export' option from Leadpresso

Next, you’ll see a pop-up window with the export options. You can choose here if you want to export prospects into a certain campaign or only to the main prospect base.

image with the drop-down menu from Leadpresso

You can also switch the Update existing button if you want Leadpresso to update data about already existing prospects in Woodpecker. Besides that, you can also choose to export valid email addresses and set their Leadpresso status after exporting.

Image showing options about leads exported to Woodpecker

Note that only contacts with email addresses can be exported to Woodpecker.

After choosing your export settings just click on Confirm and your prospects will appear in Woodpecker.

Image with arrow pointing to 'Confirm' button in Leadpresso

That’s it! Now you just need to find your potential customers and start sending campaigns for them.

Kick off looking for your perfect prospects now and head over to Leadpresso »

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