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How to join Woodpecker Partner Program
How to join Woodpecker Partner Program
Woodpecker Partner Program is based on a simple referral system. We will share with you 20% of each monthly payment from your clients.
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Wanna learn more? Head over to our blog to read about the benefits of the Woodpecker Partner Program.

How to join?

Woodpecker partner program is open to anyone. You don’t need to be a premium user to join. We don’t expect that our partners are paying customers, but it helps to be familiar with the tool to refer to it. If you are a customer, we’d be glad to have you on board too.

And don’t worry. User onboarding is totally on our side. Apart from the regular customer support that we offer to Woodpecker users, our Business Growth team has dedicated themselves to helping the leads from Partner Program get full advantage of their trial at Woodpecker.

In case any questions arise feel free to discuss them with us at [email protected] »

Head over to our page and get started!

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