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How do warm-up slots work?
How do warm-up slots work?

Take advantage of warm-up slots by adding addresses from your account or other ones that you don't use for cold outreach at the moment.

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The one thing you probably already know about slots is that they are your placeholders for email accounts.

At the start of your Woodpecker subscription, you always get one slot. The information about the number of available slots is visible in your accounts settings, including the mobile and warm-up ones.

For every email slot, there is one warm-up slot assigned. If you have an email account connected to the slot, you can enable the warm-up or recovery process directly from the Accounts tab.

To all Google account users

Due to the new Google policy, Woodpecker Warm-up & Recovery mode is unavailable for all Google email accounts connected to Woodpecker. In case you don’t have an alternative email address on a different domain, you should proceed with warming up your domain manually.

Having a Google address added to a slot in Woodpecker means that it will not have a warm-up slot automatically included.

However, if those email accounts in your slots are old enough and properly warmed up, or you simply want to prepare one of your new email addresses for cold outreach in the meantime, you can do that without removing the older ones from your slots.

Start with going to the Warm-up tab under Accounts.

Here, click on the ADD WARM UP button. When selecting the email for this process, click on the arrow to expand the list of addresses. Choose the “add new” option.

You will be redirected to the connecting account page. Proceed with the process as you would normally do when connecting email accounts to Woodpecker.

After a successful connection, you will return to the warm-up page, where you have to choose this email address from a list and select warm-up mode. Complete the process by clicking on the ADD WARM UP button.

From now on, you can rest assured that one of your email accounts is warming up while you actively use your primary ones.

To learn more about the importance of your email and domain warm-up, read our article on the subject here »

Q.: Does this work the same when I have a free slot?

Yes, it does! The extra slot you may have been given from us is the same as the one you are paying for, hence the warm-up slot works identically.

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