Why did my Warm-up stop?

Sometimes, your warm-up or recovery process could be stopped, and there are various reasons for this happening. Learn how to start it again.

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We are constantly monitoring the warm-up process for it to run smoothly and most effectively so that you can start sending your emails as soon as possible. However, some mistakes can happen that result in the warm-up being stopped.

There is no need to worry here, as the progress of this process won’t be lost, and in most situations, it will be automatically resumed.

Start of the Warm-up or Recovery process

You might be wondering how the Warm-up or Recovery process runs after you’ve added it to your email account. Immediately after adding, our system gives you an estimated end date that you can check in the “Warm-up” tab.

The scenario with neutral content is randomly selected from our database, so you don’t have to write the emails on your own. The messages are then being sent using your email address. You will see them in the “Sent” folder of your mailbox, as well as the replies to them in the main Inbox.

Example of a warm-up message with the short recipe and tracking code

Those messages will contain some short recipes or interesting facts, along with the generated number at the bottom that tracks the process. They might look unusual to you at first, but there’s no need to worry. Just make sure you leave these emails in the Inbox and not forward them to a different folder. Also, do not mark them as SPAM, as this can only delay the whole process.

You can always monitor the warm-up or recovery progress by checking the Estimated End and the Progress Bar in the Warm-up tab.

Warm-up progress and Estimated end highlighted in the Warm-up tab

Reasons for the process being stopped

  1. Forwarding to different folders and Spam

    Following up on the marking emails as SPAM, this is one of the reasons your warm-up process can be paused or entirely stopped. Your email provider will notice this activity and can send all warm-up messages straight to the Spam folder. Our system will be notified of the disruption and may temporarily stop the process until appropriate action is taken.

    If the messages are forwarded into different folders from the beginning, this will also be considered an obstacle for the warm-up or recovery process. Labeling the emails could also have a negative impact on the case.

    If you want to filter warm-up messages in your inbox, make sure to do it at least a few days after you receive those emails.

  2. Email account disconnected

    When Woodpecker loses connection to your account, you are notified about it in the App panel, right under the bell icon.

    Notification about paused warm-up due to an error with the email account

    In this case, try to reconnect your email account. We have a help article with a guide on this procedure, so if you need assistance, please follow the steps outlined there »

    After you’ve done that, check if your warm-up has started again.

  3. Temporary issue

    Sometimes, you may notice your warm-up or recovery process being paused or stopped, but no information about an error on your account. The status “Blocked” will be assigned next to the email account in the Warm-up tab.

Email account in Warm-up tab with the "Blocked" status

In this situation, there is nothing to worry about. This usually means temporary issues on our side, so you just need to give our App some time. The problem should be resolved quickly, and the warm-up or recovery process will be resumed.

What does it mean for my account?

All of the reasons described above can lead to your warm-up and recovery processes being delayed, or eventually stopped. If not monitored, you won’t be able to use your email account for regular cold outreach for an even longer time period.

Completing the warm-up or recovery is important, as you have to make sure your email and domain's good reputation is maintained. Only when it is, you will be considered a trusted sender by your email provider.

Pay attention to the Estimated end date in the Warm-up tab. If you notice that the date is different from when it was at the moment of adding your warm-up, look for anything that might indicate there’s an issue.

Whenever you have a problem with identifying it, contact our Support Team via chat or email ([email protected]), so we can investigate it further.

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