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How to use Woodpecker mobile app?
How to use Woodpecker mobile app?
Resolve your call-tasks directly from phone by simply calling your prospects, thanks to Woodpecker Mobile App.
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In order to use our Woodpecker mobile app you need to have a smartphone with Android system version 7.0 or higher.

Mobile app is a part of the Sales Assistant add-on. Click here to learn more about it and here to know how to get it on Marketplace »

How to set it up

1.1 Download the app

To start off with using our Woodpecker mobile app, you need to go to Google Play store and download the app.

After that, it will be automatically installed on your mobile device. Once that process is finished, you’ll see the Woodpecker app icon on your app screen.

Woodpecker App icon on the phone's screen

1.2 Give permissions

As you click on its icon, you’ll be asked to give permission to track incoming phone calls, which is necessary for our app to work properly.

Questions about permissions to phone calls and phone call logs

1.3 Login to Woodpecker mobile app

Next, you’ll see the login screen. Enter your Woodpecker credentials (the same you use to log in to the web application) and click Log in.

Woodpecker App login screen

In order to connect your device with the Woodpecker web application, you’ll need to have at least one free mobile slot. What are mobile slots? »

In case there are no mobile slots available, you’ll see pop-up information about that. Go to your Woodpecker web account and add (or empty) a mobile slot in order to connect a new mobile device to it.

Information about failed login due to no empty mobile slots

2. How it works

2.1 Overview of the homepage

After login, you’ll see either a list of prospects for which a task call was created among your campaigns

A list of call tasks in the mobile app

or, if you are an Agency user, you’ll see a list of companies to which you can log in and check tasks created under them.

A list of your Companies in mobile app

You can log in to companies under your agency by clicking on the icon on the right of their name. After that, you’ll see the list of tasks created under this company.

2.2 Call task details

On the view with the call-tasks which you have to-do you’ll see information about your prospects, such as their (1) first and last name (if you’ll provide us with such data) and (2) the campaign name to which they are added.

Picture highlightning the prospect's name and the campaign they are in

From here you can make a phone call to the selected person - just click on the (3) phone icon next to their name.

Picture with arrows pointing to call icon and log in arrow

By clicking on the (4) arrow next to the phone icon you’ll be redirected to a page with your task details, which you’ve provided while creating it in the Woodpecker web app, such as phone number, due date, and task description.

Information about a prospect in mobile app

From here you'll be able to change both your prospect's status and your task status.

The first one can be done using the drop-down menu with statuses – click on it and simply choose the one that fits your prospects best.

List of prospect's statuses in mobile app

If you want to mark your task as done or ignore it, click on the (5) three dots in the right upper corner.

Picture with arrow pointing to the three dots icon to Mark the task as done or ignore it

2.3 Making a call

You can make a call by clicking on the phone icon next to the prospect name in the task list, or by clicking on the same icon on the prospect’s details page.

Call icons situated in mobile app

While making a phone call, you’ll only see a number of your prospects on the screen, not their name (unless you add them to your contact list).

Phone calling screen

If your prospects answer and the conversation continues for at least 20 seconds, Woodpecker mobile app will detect that and automatically change their status to RESPONDED.

Prospect’s status will also be changed from ACTIVE to RESPONDED if they are the ones to call us – our app will be able to detect that.

If your mobile device is connected to more than one company in Woodpecker, keep in mind that our mobile app will only detect incoming calls for the company to which you are currently logged in.

You can check to which company you are logged in by taking a look at the bar at the top of the task list. If you want to switch companies, log out of the current one by clicking on the icon in the top right corner and logging in to another one.

Arrow pointing to log out icon

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