While our native integration with HubSpot isn't available yet, we encourage you to use Woodpecker with HubSpot CRM nevertheless.

There are 2 ways you can connect HubSpot CRM to Woodpecker.

  • Use PieSync to exchange contacts between Hubspot and Woodpecker. This integration syncs old and future contacts from your Hubspot account to Woodpecker, and the other way around. Read more.

  • Use Zapier to trigger actions based on your prospects' moves. Read more about HubSpot and HubSpot CRM.


Sync your HubSpot account with Woodpecker.

  1. Log in to your PieSync account and choose your apps.

  2. Authorize your app. To do so, log in to HubSpot CRM and grant access. Then add your Woodpecker API key. Here's how to generate it.

  3. Configure your connection (which way the contacts should sync, Connection Rules and Connection Settings, Field Mappings.)

  4. Click Start syncing now!


  • creating contacts in HubSpot

  • updating contacts' description in Woodpecker

  • merging contacts data in HubSpot with Woodpecker

  • updating HubSpot contact details when your prospect opens your email


Here's how to connect HubSpot CRM to Woodpecker:

  1. Log in to your Zapier account and click Make a Zap.

  2. Select a Trigger App.

  3. Choose a Trigger.

  4. Test the Step.

  5. Click + Add a Step and then Action/Search.

  6. Choose an Action App.

  7. Chose Action.

  8. Set Up Template.

  9. Test the Step.

Please note: Zapier works only for contacts and actions performed after Zap is created, which means that previous conversations will not be added. If you wish to add previous conversations, you can use PieSync which works with past and future contacts after the integration.

Here are some of the Triggers and Actions:

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