They can either be filled with an email account or left empty. However, you’ll be charged for the total number of slots added to your account.

Remember that you can only add as many active email accounts to Woodpecker as many empty slots you have. Here you can learn more on how to manage your email accounts »

Adding slots

Once you’ve decided that you need more slots to connect additional email accounts simply go to the Settings → Marketplace → Slots section on the left panel:

There you’ll see your monthly (or annually) fee for one slot, how many of them are active and how many are in use (how many active email accounts you have).

Next to your slots list, you’ll find the Add slots button. Simply click on it to get additional ones.

After that, you’ll be to the next step where you can choose the number of slots you wish to add and the price of them.

Click Go to Summary where you’ll see two panels. On the left is the current number of slots and their overall price and on the right, you’ll see how those values will change.

If everything looks fine simply click Add X slots at the bottom and you’ll see the success page. From here you can go back to the Slots page or go straight to your email accounts where you can add new ones or activate already connected ones »

All our payments are pre-paid. This means that if you add a new slot in the middle of your billing cycle you will pay a prorated amount for the time remaining in the current billing cycle.

Removing slots

If you wish to remove slots that you do not use first you will need to make sure they are empty. You can do this by deactivating the email account currently connected to them. In this article, you can learn more on Managing your email accounts »

Once you have an empty slot you can remove it by simply clicking on the × next to it.

Your next payment will be reduced to make up for the paid time you’ll not have removed slots. The reduced amount will be proportional to the time left in your billing cycle without them.

Q: Can I bulk remove slots?

When it comes to removing slots, for now, it needs to be done one by one. There is no option to bulk select them for removal.

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